Prime Harvest, LLC Updates Brand with New Website and Investor Deck as Plans for Business Merger with MEC Move Forward

Prime Harvest, LLC, a science-driven, vertically integrated cannabis company with operations throughout California, is pleased to announce that they have launched an updated website and investor deck designed to provide consumers information regarding the company’s core operations and understanding of their vertically integrated business model.

In January, Prime Harvest signed a letter of intent with ME Resource Corp. (CSE: MEC) as their first step towards bringing the company public. Now with the new website and investor deck Prime Harvest is rolling out an entirely new aesthetic for the brand, reflecting the company’s commitment to providing consumers with products that can support overall wellbeing.

“We are excited about this new step in bringing Prime Harvest’s mission to a wider audience,” said E. Duane Alexander, CEO and Founder of Prime Harvest, LLC. “It is our vision to become a leading provider of cannabis products targeting two of the largest cannabis markets in the world: California and Canada, as well as align with companies and organizations that share our commitment to provide products that are based on the research, constant analysis and refinement of those products to improve the wellbeing of the consumers we serve.”


Visit the updated website here. To receive a copy of the updated investor deck contact Chand Jagpal at

About Prime Harvest, LLC
Prime Harvest, LLC is a San Diego-based cannabis company with operations throughout California. Prime Harvest has been on the frontlines of the North American medical movement with over 30 years of sophisticated operating combined experience in legal cannabis markets. Prime Harvest manages the entire cannabis development pipeline, from tissue culture science, cultivation, extraction and formulation to production, manufacturing and retail sales. Prime Harvest brings the rigor of biotechnology to the emerging cannabis industry, focusing on science-based research and development, value-added products and vertical integration.

Prime Harvest operates through its wholly owned business pillars:

HICHI is a universal natural experience to nourish the mind, body and soul that supports balance with one’s surroundings. Manifested through pure cannabinoid and terpene oils, HICHI seeks to offer an elevated lifestyle of wellness and enlightenment. HICHI comes in various delivery methods and formulations including vaporizers, topicals, tinctures, transdermal delivery systems, sublingual sprays, RSO, premium pre-rolls and cannabidiol (CBD) pet treats. HICHI is Prime Harvest’s flagship luxury brand. Visit to learn more.

Prime Harvest Retail 
State-of-the-art licensed establishments and other retail sources offer high quality products in Southern California, including the company’s flagship luxury brand HICHI. Retail establishments are founded on the commitment to providing wellness-related care and innovative services in a professional setting for the purpose of achieving outcomes that improve the consumer’s quality of life. Prime Harvest sources the highest quality, lab tested cannabis products to ensure safety and efficacy. The company’s team of experts is comprised of industry leaders, staff, and partners devoted to the research and advancement of cannabinoid science.

Prime Harvest Wholesale 
Prime Harvest optimizes the entire life cycle and supply chain of cannabis, tissue culture science, cultivation, extraction, formulation to production, manufacturing and retail sales. The company’s cultivation operations focus on blending the art and science of exposing the fullest expression of the plant’s genetic potential. Prime Harvest’s proprietary technology is designed to preserve the compounds of the whole plant. Prime Harvest offers a wide range of tissue culture and extraction services coupled with unparalleled processing transparency. The company has licensed nursery and outdoor cultivation space for the development of proprietary cannabidiol (CBD)-dominant strains. Additionally, Prime Harvest has a 10,000 square-foot manufacturing facility for scalable extraction, distillation and formulation. Prime Harvest tissue culture technology is used to mass propagate plants on sterile culture media generating desirable variants, eliminating systemic diseases in starting materials, dramatically reducing greenhouse space required for maintaining stock plants, and providing growers with healthy and uniform plants year-round. The company has the scientific equipment and expertise to successfully propagate cannabis plant varieties in all phases of the tissue culture process. Manufacturing, product development, administration and distribution of products will be performed at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Santa Rosa, California, a suburb of the Northern CA metro area.

National Growers Alliance 
The National Growers Alliance (NGA) offers an opportunity for growers to come together as a coalition that can share opportunities, seek out markets and entities, while enjoying the benefits of a partnership with Prime Harvest. Prime Harvest supplies NGA members with high-quality starter plants, or plantlets, for the cannabis industry that utilize Prime Harvest’s proprietary micropropagation process that ensures vigorous, uniform, pathogen-free cannabis plantlets. The company also provides NGA members with services including, licensing application and acquisition, facility design, nutrient formulations, staff training, plant extraction/processing, and branding/manufacturing services. Visit to learn more.

Community Alliance Program 
Community Alliance Program (CAP) is dedicated to improving lives by meeting communities’ most critical needs and investing in cannabinoid research and educational programs. Sponsored by Prime Harvest, CAP forges alliances locally, nationally and internationally in an effort to embrace innovative approaches and partnerships to mobilize resources, foster resilient and sustainable support systems for our communities, and encourage access to natural medicine. Visit to learn more.


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