Founded by a leadership team with decades of experience in the cannabis industry, Prime Harvest is a vertically integrated cannabis company with expertise in the science of cultivation and extraction, distribution, product branding and retail, and clean cultivation tissue cloning practices. Based in the innovation hotspot of San Diego, California, Prime Harvest is also expanding its footprint to other legal U.S. markets and Canada with an expanding portfolio as licensed cultivators, producers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of cannabis products.

Through existing and growing retail locations and product lines, strategic partnerships, and a steadfast commitment to being at the forefront of development of a broad range of cannabis industry products, with Prime Harvest the public is empowered to make decisions that enhance their overall health and well-being.

Thriving Asset Portfolio


43 acre property in Humboldt County's emerald triangle growing environmentally conscious and sustainably grown cannabis. Additional manufacturing licenses awarded with more pending.


Olive Tree Wellness Center storefront and delivery license in Ramona, CA. Aggressively pursuing licenses throughout the Western United States for continued expansion of dispensaries and wholesale distribution.


Part of the National Growers Alliance (NGA), an extended network of suppliers that meet our rigorous standards and are subject to strict quality control checks.


Retailed and available for wholesale, the HICHI product line of tinctures, "topicals" and vapes aspire to encourage the positive flow of CHI, the nourishment for the mind, energy, body & soul. Exploring additional branded products to meet market segment demands.


Developing superior formulations specific to medical ailments while voluntarily adhering to FDA guidelines and CGGMP compliance.


10,000 square foot facility in Santa Rosa, California for scalable extraction, distillation, and formulation. Propagation method to produce plants of uniform genetic makeup, increase the rate of pant production and eliminate the risk of plant disease.


It starts with choice.

We believe it is vitally important to educate and empower people so that they can make decisions towards improving their lifestyle and leading a fulfilling life, particularly those looking to treat physical or mental conditions with therapeutic natural solutions towards improved overall wellbeing. This can be accomplished by providing access to cannabis products that will set the highest industry standards.


We believe in you, and grow from there.

To be the leading international provider of cannabis products targeting two of the largest cannabis markets in the world: California and Canada. The general public is beginning to understand that traditionally prescribed treatments by the medical community for conditions related to pain management, sleep, and other mental, physical and emotional barriers to healthy living are highly addicting and unnatural. There are options to those traditional treatments. Through our own vertically-integrated approach and by aligning with partners, Prime Harvest aims to oversee the source and the process offering cannabis related medicinal products in a specialized and humane environment. Prime Harvest is determined to lead a world where patients are empowered to make decisions that enhance their overall health and well-being.