Prime Harvest seeks to align with companies and organizations that share our commitment to make cannabis more accessible and provide products that are based on the research, and constant analysis and refinement towards improving the wellbeing of the customers we serve.


We are multi­generational cultivators. We are experienced licensed Extractors and Manufactures of infused products. We are seasoned multi-­state Wholesale Channel Developers. We are a group of Legal Experts. We are a Banded Community that shares a passion. And we are all tired of being exploited and/or prosecuted for doing what we think is right, and following the American Dream. We are “You”.

The National Growers Alliance provides a venue for seasoned cultivators of Medical and Recreational Marijuanas to band together and seek safe and legal market opportunities for our harvests at fair market prices so that consumers can benefit from organized efforts comparable to other legal cultivation industries.

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