Prime Harvest Inc  is a technology-focused full-service cannabis corporation. We are horizontally diversified across various segments of the cannabis value chain including licensing acquisition and compliance management, state-wide delivery, and direct-to-consumer operations.

Based in the innovation hotspot of San Diego, California, Prime Harvest is expanding its footprint throughout the Golden State by executing a long-term strategy of investing in the growth and scale of licensed assets anchored by the power of data-driven technology.

Our flagship retail brand, Jaxx Cannabis, upholds exceptional standards of quality and services and provides a rewarding experience for our customers in San Diego and the surrounding Southern California communities. Trust and credibility are at the heart of everything that we at Prime Harvest stand for.

Our team is composed of true experts in their respective fields, carefully assembled with the aim of building a world-class organization that can drive the cannabis industry and movement forward.


To play a major role in creating a sustainable global cannabis industry in which the communities we serve capture their fair share of the industry’s benefits including financial profit, employment opportunities, environmental enrichment, innovation through R&D and education, new markets expansion, and improve the lives of cannabis operators in the US and beyond.


To appeal to the ethos of the cannabis consumer by setting the industry’s operational standard by prioritizing accountability, sustainability, and community; while positively affecting millions of lives through the creation of a world-class platform that caters to strengthening the commercial cannabis pipeline.