Giving Back

Prime Harvest is a proud member of the Community Alliance Program (CAP).  CAP is a foundation that seeks to make a difference in local communities by providing financial assistance for educational programs, housing homeless veterans, creating urban farms, and holding local arts initiatives for children and adults. CAP also helps explore the natural healing attributes of medical cannabis through research, development, clinical trials, and advocating for the safe access of cannabis to those in need. Currently, we are focusing on the following conditions: PTSD, CTE, epilepsy, cancer, chronic pain, autism, education, mobilizing resources, and foster resilient and sustainable community support systems.


At Prime Harvest, concern for human beings and the environment can be seen in every facet of operations. In this way, Prime Harvest contributes to the goal of creating a more sustainable environment, now and in the future. Each and every member of our team works towards realizing the goal of continuous improvement in the field of sustainable development.

For this reason, part of our research and development activities will be dedicated to exploring methods of reducing and repurposing waste into composite materials and exploring the potential of the hemp plant for industrial and wellness contributions.


This is a commitment we take pride in. The people in the communities we serve are as diverse as our world. The more we reflect on them, the better we can understand their needs. Inclusivity is where we make an impact. The members of the PH team are highly encouraged to bring their unique ideas, and bring out the best in each other. Our goal is to celebrate our people, grow with our communities, and grow as a company.